Our Services

A brief overview of our product range

Among other things, we can manufacture the following types of textiles in our sewing company

traditional costumes



Bridal fashion

Baby & children's fashion




Organic / sustainable

Industrial products

Utensils for animals

Our service as a sewing company

As a contract sewing company, it does not make any difference to us whether you want individual items, or a small or large series. As an industrial sewing company, we make small and large series with our sewing machines. We aim to serve small, medium-sized and large companies and our customers come from the most diverse areas of trade, craft and industry. Due to our broad portfolio and manufacturing expertise, we are able to offer a broad range of services.

Our services include cutting and sewing materials, labeling, embroidery, processing, contract processing, grading and other textile work.

You provide us with a production-ready pattern and sample material and we will structure the production processes so as to guarantee the highest quality and cost-effectiveness.

You provide us with the pattern and the required materials - we deliver the finished product. All our sewing work is done and checked in-house. We stay in close contact with our customers throughout the production process, as the success of the cooperation can only be guaranteed through clear communication.