Answers to frequently asked questions


Production times in our sewing company depend on the number and complexity of the products ordered. However, we try to complete production within four weeks. We can also arrange intermediate deliveries for larger orders.

We can provide sewing thread. All other material should be supplied by the customer.

Yes, a pattern must be provided by the customer. Preferably in paper form.

Yes, prototypes are possible. Further costs will be charged for additional work.  

However, a pattern must be provided.

No, unfortunately we cannot produce new designs.

No minimum purchase is required. Our contract tailor’s workshop can produce both small and large series.

We do not have any restrictions here.

No, we do not offer printing services

Yes, we offer embroidery services.

We will send the finished goods to the delivery address you provide.


Our prices are calculated according to the required working time per item and the hourly rate.

Only the costs of transporting the finished goods to your desired destination will be charged. The goods are sent with the usual transport companies.