Our sewing company

Small orders and large series.

You provide us with patterns and materials. We deliver the finished product. Made in Europe to the highest quality and under fair conditions. We can meet all your needs - from small orders to large series. Ihre Bedürfnisse abzudecken.

Highest quality

Our goal is always to offer the highest quality We are convinced that business relationships are long-term partnerships, so we will adapt our processes entirely to your needs in order to improve your products while reducing production costs..

Experience to meet the demands of our customers

A committed, flexible and experienced team - combined with modern machinery - ensures that we can meet the high demands and wishes of our customers.


We manufacture a variety of products for our customers: traditional costumes, blankets, covers, pillows,tablecloths, advertising materials, toddler clothing,headrest covers, belts for industry, corsetry, medical aids, Bags, clothing, decorations, and much, much more. We produce both niche products and bulk goods!